Golf is very popular, but getting started is not as simple as you think. Golf can be used as a leisure activity or as a special competitive competition. No matter which one, it has certain requirements for its own skills. Today, I will introduce some knowledge about how to play golf, as well as various skills, etc.

  • How to distinguish between golf balls and opponents?

One of the basic rules of a golf game is to require golfers to target only their own golf balls throughout the game. Therefore, we need to mark our own golf ball to prevent other players from hitting your ball. Different players have different marking methods: his name is capitalized, star mark or diamond type mark… If the two golf balls of the two players are in the same position, it is difficult to distinguish, in which case both balls are considered to be lost. At the same time, the player is not allowed to touch his golf ball during the game (unless the golf ball falls into the water), so the mark must be able to have certain durability.

  1. Use the putter’s grip method to hit the ball

We can choose to use the putter’s grip method to cut the ball. If you want to play a pleasing number of shots around the green, the easier it is to choose the easier it is to get the desired number of shots. The easiest way to hit the ball is to “cut the ball putter.” At this time, the putter method of the putter can be used to cut the ball. If you miss the green position and hit the ball to the green, no matter how bad your landing is, this shot can help you save some shots and prevent the ball from hitting the ball without hitting the ball.

  1. Putting on the edge of the green

Pushing the ball from the edge of the green, imagine that the hole is a few feet away from you, ensuring that your moves are correct and you get good rolling. This way can help you better health care. For modern people, everyone can use this method to effectively play golf. Shake your arms in front of you, cross your hands together, gently grab the putter grips, and ensure that the left arm follows the expected putt route. Many people don’t know how to better play golf. In fact, if we can master such skills, then we can play golf better.

  1. Playing a shortcut ball should be “stable”

The most basic requirement for playing short-cut ball is stability. In fact, it is necessary to “stable” in golf. This is also the advantage of golf. Every time you swing, you must send the ball safely and safely to the green. The hitting method with the highest safety factor is that the ball head runs down at the moment of hitting. The position of the ball should be slightly to the right in the center of the two feet, that is, using the nose to align it. The more the ball is in a difficult environment, the more we have to stand on its left. This will strengthen the ball’s head down when hitting the ball.

  1. Avoid flipping your wrist when you touch the ball

When passing the touch zone, you should use both hands to guide the club head. The purpose of this is to avoid flipping your wrist when you touch the ball and let yourself play golf better. If you turn your wrist when you touch the ball, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the cut ball. In the process of swinging, the remaining light of the eye can be used to observe the bottom of the grip. When positioning, the bottom of the grip is the closest part of the club to the target. During the entire swing, the position closest to the target at the bottom is always the same.

  1. The lower the trajectoryis better

The higher the ballistic trajectory, the heavier the landing will be, the heavier the ball will be, and the bounce will not be grasped. The skill of the masters is: let the ball fall to the green as soon as possible, then roll to the hole, the lower the ballistic the better. If it is not necessary, they will never choose a high ballistic style of play.

In addition to this, we should also pay attention to:

  1. First check whether the grip is correct, whether the position and the posture of the whole body have reached the correct posture preparation before hitting the ball.In each swing exercise, the perception of the movement rhythm, movement time and movement balance is very important. These are important factors in making a swing and achieving technical essentials.
  2. Playing golf requires a good plan. If you play this shot, the ball should be flying there without any prior thinking. It is impossible to make a successful shot.
  3. Playing golf is to hit the ball towards a goal and therefore requires stability. While striving to achieve a stable shot, “doing what you can,” is to use your power reasonably and effectively. It is best for beginners to select a point on the practice site as the target. Slowly and confidently increase the number of times the hit ball falls near that point. Every time you hit the ball, you should avoid excessive force, so as not to lose control of the club.
  4. The time and regularity of the practice class are very important.New ideas about the swing or technical corrections should be dealt with at the beginning of each practice session so that the focus of the exercise is always on the main technical aspect of the swing.
  5. There is a special relationship between practice and competition: practicing and improving the ability on the practice ground, in order to apply the learned skills on the regular court.

Golf is a very good sport. But many people don’t know how to play golf well. In fact, we have a lot of tricks. These methods can help us play golf better.


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