Golf is an elegant gentleman’s sport. There is no black smoke and no competition. There is no sweat, only the green lawn, and quiet hitting action. But for novices, if you are not familiar with the golf precautions, there will be ugly jokes. Now let me talk about the new players going down the court for the first time, what do we pay attention to when playing golf?

  1. Bring your own golf equipment

When novices play golf, we lose golf. But buying a ball at a kiosk on the course is much more expensive than outside, so you’d better bring your own golf… Of course, if you have enough money, you can buy golf at the kiosk. When playing golf, women’s dresses can be fashioned. The tops can be sleeveless, but you should have collars, don’t wear short shorts or short skirts, especially don’t wear a halter top or a jumpsuit. The court is not a show, too exposed. And it is easy to get sunburned.

  1. Control the speed of play

Friends want to enjoy golf, but no one wants to spend all day on the court. If the player waits too long between two shots, they become impatient and lose the motivation to hit the ball. So for the benefit of everyone, I recommend not delaying the time when playing. I will introduce some suggestions for maintaining proper speed: Only doing one swing practice before each shot, then hit the ball right away. Remember: If you play 120 shots per game and spend an additional 30 seconds each time, add up to an extra hour per game. Be prepared before you hit the ball. Don’t start thinking about which club to use when you are your turn or decide whether to hit the water directly or hit the insurance ball in front of the water barrier. Consider the game in advance. When walking towards the court, observe the position of the next tee, then place the club (or park the cart) on the side of the green that is closer to the next tee, so that you can take fewer detours after the hole is finished. Saves energy and does not delay time. Follow the previous group of players. When they leave the green, you should be ready to hit the ball. Don’t consider anything if the next group will catch up with you, just pay attention to keeping the right distance and playing speed with the previous group.

  1. keep quiet

It is important to keep the golf course quiet. Players need to concentrate on playing, and any ringing may affect the quality of the shot. Therefore, you must suppress the voice when you speak on the field. Even if your fellow players don’t mind, you have to take care of the needs of other groups of nearby players. Also, avoid running on the court. Running around on the field can cause other players to be distracted and annoyed, and can damage the turf. So if it is necessary, you should walk as fast as possible.

  1. Adoption of caddy advice

As a newbie, even if you have a little understanding of the rules of golf, if there is a disagreement, you should listen to the caddy’s advice instead of sticking to your own ideas. If you don’t understand the rules and act recklessly, such as disturbing others’ playing, stepping on other people’s push routes, and not obeying the rules of the far-off first, it will be boring. Therefore, before the first game or during the game, you must ask more questions. Ask the caddy what rules should be paid attention to, and how to do it is more appropriate, so as not to offend the person.

  1. How to eat before playing
  • Pay attention to balanced nutrition

A balanced diet means eating food every day, providing the calories needed by the body and all the necessary nutrients to maintain physical function and health. It helps support our body to play a hearty golf game.

  • Don’t eat irritating food

Generally, eating too much irritating and spicy food will damage our health. Capsaicin will stimulate our gastrointestinal mucosa, causing it to be highly congested and peristaltic, which may cause stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc., and induce gastrointestinal diseases. If you eat too much, there will be too much heat, resulting in excessive sweating, too much water loss, and a burning pain in the throat, which is not conducive to our play on the court.

  • Don’t drink cold drinks

Cold drinks can easily lead to diarrhea, which is very irritating to the stomach and intestines. It will also reduce the immunity of the stomach and the digestive capacity, causing abdominal pain, which will also affect our playing. Cold drinks can also prevent our body from sweating. Perspiration is a natural physiological reaction of the human body. It can excrete some of the toxins in our body, and eating cold drinks can cause pores to shrink and the body’s sweat can’t be discharged.

  • Don’t eat too much every meal

Golf isn’t a strenuous exercise. Before playing golf, we still can’t eat too much, and we can get enough.

  1. be careful

Safety is so important in golf that golf rules and ceremonies are at the top of the opening. If the player does not have enough knowledge of the hardness of the golf ball and the club, the stadium will become a dangerous place. Therefore, players should pay great attention to it. For example, don’t hit the ball or practice the empty swing at someone’s place, because the hit ball or the stones, branches, and turf that are inadvertently hit may hit others. And, this is also an impolite behavior. Be careful not to swing while someone is walking around, and don’t walk past them while others are swinging. When other players hit the ball, you’d better stand behind the batting player. Don’t stand on the side or in front, in case the player hits the ball off the direction, the high-speed flying golf ball can easily hurt you.

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