Although the development of golf in China started late, the development was quite rapid. The first time that golf was introduced to China was in 1916, and then in 1917, the Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Club was put into operation. This stadium is a nine-hole course, but it has been a long time since the sport was silent in mainland China. In the mid-1980s, golf once again rose up in mainland China and developed at an alarming rate. On May 24, 1985, the China Golf Association was officially established in Beijing. This is a national mass sports organization. It is a group member of the All-China Sports Federation. Its function is to publicize and organize the masses to actively participate in golf. It organizes international competitions to promote international exchanges. It organizes nationwide competitions and training at all levels and levels. It draws up the relevant management system, competition system and technical hierarchy of athletes, coaches, and referees. It organizes the training of coaches, referees, and athletes; selects and recommends national team coaches and athletes, is responsible for organizing national teams to concentrate and participate in competitions; organizing scientific research work.

But now, the development of golf in China is still far from the world. This has a certain relationship with China’s economic situation. However, there are many reasons why golf cannot be industrialized in China, including cost, management, market positioning, and operation. Even so, the market potential of 1.3 billion people is very large. Moreover, the development of golf in China has shown an accelerated trend in recent years, so it can be said that this is a very promising industry.

  • Indoor golf

“Golf” is a transliteration of GOLF, a sport that combines physical exercise and entertainment. Because of its high requirements for the environment and equipment, it is also synonymous with the aristocratic movement. As one of the three gentlemen’s sports, its elegant and noble image has become one of the favorite sports of successful people. With the development of the times, indoor golf has been gradually welcomed by more and more countries and regions with its unique advantages. Even if you don’t leave home, you can enjoy the fun of life. In foreign countries, indoor golf has become very popular and is widely used in golf school indoor driving range, fitness club, leisure resort hotel, golf course lounge, company employee club, and leisure and entertainment center and other industries. Indoor golf is also called indoor simulation golf. In these projects, the leisure and entertainment center is the fastest growing and the fastest. The richest people in Europe, America, and Taiwan installed golf simulators on private yachts and villas. In China, more and more high-end community clubs have appeared playing golf.

  • Aristocratic movement

In foreign countries, indoor golf has become very popular and is widely used in golf school indoor driving range, fitness club, leisure resort hotel, golf course lounge, company employee club, and leisure and entertainment center and other industries. The indoor golf system is based on the real golf course blueprint and actual shooting. After 3D production, it is projected by the projector in front of the golfer. The player can use the real club and the real ball.

Compared with the outdoor golf course, the investment in the indoor stadium is much smaller. It only needs to select a site of about 100 square meters, and then purchase a set of virtual equipment. It only takes several hundred thousand yuan before and after the investment. Zhou Yan said that because of the low investment, indoor golf is also very close to the price. In his stadium, customers only need tens of dollars to feel the joy of singing and playing a game. However, 100 yuan, such consumption level is the psychological price that white-collar workers can generally introduce. “The current daily store traffic is around 30 people, of which the company white-collar workers can account for 50%.”

“China currently has 3 million people playing golf, and the population is only 0.23% of the total population. The golf population of the developed countries such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea exceeds 10% of the total population.” Zhou Yan said that from the perspective of the domestic big market, there is still a huge upside for golf. The number of outdoor courses is limited and the consumption is high, which is impossible to meet the needs of the playing population. At present, there are several indoor stadiums in the Binhai New Area, and the market is in the training stage. “We think that within a few years, the indoor golf project will be popularized locally, and there will probably be a large indoor golf course.

  • Stadium 3D simulator display

Projection is projected on the (one or three) curtains in front of the golfer, and the flight data of the ball hit by the golfer and the head data of the swing are collected and analyzed by the sensor, and the ball is hit from time to time. The actual flight path is on the projection screen. The whole process is closely connected with the hitting action and transmitted in real time, just like playing on a real golf course.

  • Flight parameter measurement

The golf flight parameter measurement consists of a two-way measurer and a computer central controller. The two parts are combined into a golf measurement section that completes the measurement of the initial speed of the golf course, flight elevation, declination, and ball rotation.

  • Indoor golf advantage
  1. Small footprint, 20-30 square meters;
  2. Wind and rain, whether it is windy or rainy, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, you can feel the charm of golf just like the rear end;
  3. The cost isn’t high, playing a ball is the actual third of the ball.
  4. Unlimited by time, venue, number of people, etc., to ensure that you and your family can enjoy the joy of golf in the first time.
  5. And it saves you from driving for hours on the course and enjoying the stadiums around the world.
  6. Quickly improve your skills, you can practice according to the actual practice of each course, and have a motion playback.

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