Golf is not a soothing and leisurely exercise as people think. In fact, it can move to every muscle in the body, and it will sweat when a ball is hit.

However, the golf club head coach said that golf is more widely adopted than the intense, impactive sports in the gym.

Usually, golf is a sport that suits all genders, ages, postures, and physical conditions. It is a sport that can last from 3 years old to 80 years old. Golf can also play different roles for different groups of people.

Children can improve their memory

Many parents now take their children to the golf course in the suburbs on weekends. Children on the court to let the brain fully aerobic breathing is very helpful to improve memory. At the same time, the golf course is a relatively elegant and high-end sports field. Parents will not worry about the children making bad friends on the court. It is important to know that golf etiquette is also a very important nutrient for your child’s growth.

Women can slim down and shape

For women who love beauty, golf is a powerful weapon to defeat waist fat, which is especially effective for beginners who are fatter. Analysis of the golf action, we can find that the golf shot is the whole body movement, it drives the upper limb to hit the ball through the waist force, which is a complete set of coordination, strength and explosive force. Practice often, not only can increase the strength of the waist and abdomen, increase the psoas and abdominal muscles, but also eliminate the fat. The strength of the upper limbs should be used in the exercise, and the muscles of the chest muscles and upper limbs can also achieve the effect of exercise. Some elderly practitioners have a bad waist. They can easily bend over and hunch for a long time. Practice golf can also nourish the lumbar vertebrae and prevent lumbar disc herniation.

Business people can build confidence

For business-ridden bosses, playing golf not only exercises but also cultivates self-confidence and encourages them to overcome difficulties. It is also a good sport for business negotiations. Gower

  1. In winter, golf should pay special attention to protective measures. Sunny winter is a good time to play golf, soothe the dull mood of winter, but you need to take extra protective measures, otherwise, accidents such as body strain and club damage can easily occur.

2, in the cold place, the first thing the practitioner should do is to keep warm: choose a warm, windproof, waterproof, lightweight jacket. The general course is relatively empty, especially the windproof and warm jacket to keep warm.

3, like underwear, wearing a cotton golf T-shirt also has a good sweat-wicking function. Of course, you also need a thin scarf, a woolen cap, and a pair of thick gloves.

4, to do a warm-up exercise. When the body starts to exercise in winter, it is easy to cause strains such as strains and sprains. It is necessary to do a full stretching exercise and warm-up preparations such as running and jumping in a hurry. The preparation time is longer than other seasons, and the range of motion is also increased. It is recommended to warm up in about 15 minutes.

  1. Winter is the season that most easily damages the club. It often happens that the club head breaks and flies out. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the maintenance of the club, try not to practice the mast on the edge of the green or in the bunker.
  2. The strength of the two hand grips should be balanced. If only one hand swings, the muscles around the spine will be unbalanced, which is not conducive to maintaining the health of the neck and back.
  3. Do not hold too tightly when holding the pole, otherwise, the associated muscles will be easily tired. Just the right grip strength can speed up the head speed and reduce physical waste.
  4. Do not drink large amounts of cold drinks when you are thirsty. You should moderate the warm water after stopping the exercise.
  5. Don’t stop and rest immediately after playing the ball. When the exercise stops immediately, the muscles will feel tight and painful. In order to accelerate the normal function of the body, you should walk for about 5 minutes to ease the tension of the nerves and muscles, while relaxing the joints and massaging the muscles. For people with diabetes, it is best not to go golf alone. When playing, you should have common foods that are easy to absorb and prevent hypoglycemia.

Finally, let’s talk about the best age to learn golf; in fact, the sport of golf is very suitable for practicing from a young age, not only can accumulate stronger technology, but also the guiding significance of golf etiquette and rules for children’s growing strong.

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