As a fashion sport and personality sport, golf has been favored by many people, but some people wonder: How should golf get started? So I have not been able to appreciate the unique charm of golf!



Find a course yourself and learn by yourself.

People in the golf circle say that golf is hard to learn by themselves.

However, some people say that it will be 10,000 balls.

Golf is harder than getting started with general sports, such as table tennis, badminton or baseball. This is recognized.

Learning golf is not difficult, you can read books, watch videos, and watch others play, but it is difficult to understand how to do this action, how to remember this action, many beginners can not get this feeling.

Because golf action is not a natural movement. To put it simply, if you have a stone in your hand and you want to throw it out, we must definitely throw stones by hand as the main source of strength. But golf is different. You hold the club to play. Your source of strength is to use the rotation of the squat (or ass) instead of the arm. This is very awkward.

Self-learning golf is not only difficult to get started, but also a lot of detours, and it is very easy to cause damage to the body without wasting time and energy.

Therefore, to be self-taught, it is really a little hard work.

Course fee: depending on the time, about 100 yuan / hour

Equipment: Bring your own or rent. The result: look at talent!

Someone brought (non-coach)

Learning golf, if someone takes it, it will be easier to learn. It’s lucky to meet a friend with superb skills. Sometimes such a friend will teach you more than the coach, because he also started from Zero-based. Your current problem may be his past problems. His guidance will let you take less. A lot of detours will make you suddenly clear, and your progress will be obvious.

Course fee: depending on the time, about 100 yuan / hour;

Equipment: Bring your own, borrow friends or rent;

Difficulties: Can not be met!

Ask the coach to really want to learn golf as a lifelong hobby. I recommend you to have a professionally trained coach to guide you. Professional people do not be too outrageous to do professional things.

The difficulty in learning golf is to understand how golf moves are done. At this point the role of the coach is here. When the coach teaches you, he will help you put the body in the right position, and all you have to do is to feel, how to feel this action, then try to repeat the feeling, let the coach see Not doing what he asked for. Just remember this feeling, practice hard, and you can leave the game without a fake day.

Professional coaches will also analyze your posture movements in a targeted manner, make corrections and adjustments for you, and your progress will be quick and the results will be better.

Please coach, you get the system of learning, including theoretical knowledge, golf etiquette and communication, golf, etc., usually 10 lessons, the price is about 5,000 yuan. Not only can you learn the technology, but you can also learn more about the culture and connotation of golf.

In short, find a good coach and let your golf study half the battle.

Cost: According to class time, about 500 yuan / session

Transfer: Bring your own or rent.

Difficulties: investing time and money.

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