Golf course lawn maintenance technical points

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, China’s golf courses have developed rapidly. As a result, professionals in turfgrass are increasingly welcomed by the market. The golf course is planted with more grass, usually three kinds of mixed plants of bluegrass, tall fescue and ryegrass. It is green all year round and has strong disease resistance. Only know the grass pitch grass and grass, understand the golf course management to be a professional. read more

Some knowledge about the maintenance of golf clubs

For those who love golf, golf equipment is very important. When you buy it, you will carefully select what you like. After you start, you must also do maintenance work. This will make your golf club last longer. So, how much do you know about the maintenance of golf clubs? read more

The indoor golf is getting popular

Although the development of golf in China started late, the development was quite rapid. The first time that golf was introduced to China was in 1916, and then in 1917, the Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Club was put into operation. This stadium is a nine-hole course, but it has been a long time since the sport was silent in mainland China. In the mid-1980s, golf once again rose up in mainland China and developed at an alarming rate. On May 24, 1985, the China Golf Association was officially established in Beijing. This is a national mass sports organization. It is a group member of the All-China Sports Federation. Its function is to publicize and organize the masses to actively participate in golf. It organizes international competitions to promote international exchanges. It organizes nationwide competitions and training at all levels and levels. It draws up the relevant management system, competition system and technical hierarchy of athletes, coaches, and referees. It organizes the training of coaches, referees, and athletes; selects and recommends national team coaches and athletes, is responsible for organizing national teams to concentrate and participate in competitions; organizing scientific research work. read more

When playing golf,what should we pay attention?

Golf is an elegant gentleman’s sport. There is no black smoke and no competition. There is no sweat, only the green lawn, and quiet hitting action. But for novices, if you are not familiar with the golf precautions, there will be ugly jokes. Now let me talk about the new players going down the court for the first time, what do we pay attention to when playing golf? read more

How do we play golf well?

Golf is very popular, but getting started is not as simple as you think. Golf can be used as a leisure activity or as a special competitive competition. No matter which one, it has certain requirements for its own skills. Today, I will introduce some knowledge about how to play golf, as well as various skills, etc. read more

Sharing some little knowledge about golf

Do you know that golf is one of the oldest sports in the world? Modern golf originated in Scotland in the 15th century, but the beginning of the sport is still inconclusive. Although the inventor of the sport is not clear, it doesn’t prevent it from becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, very competitive and entertaining. In the sports world, there are four major movements known as aristocratic sports, namely tennis, bowling, snooker and golf to be talked about today. Since the day of their birth, these sports have been labeled as “nobles” and have become synonymous with elegance, taste, and quality of life. read more